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CNC Machining

CNC work

Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) data either provided by you or designed by us in-house we can quickly produce accurate complex wooden parts in almost any size and shape, in small and large quantities using our flat bed nesting CNC machine.

We understand the need for high precision, speed and repeatability and we can produce custom wooden pieces to exact specifications for manufacturing companies, architects, builders and private customers. 

Paring modern techniques with traditional craftsmanship methods and knowledge allows us to deliver the highest quality products.

Why not come to us with your design and we can build you a prototype?

Wood Products

Our CNC machine

Introducing our NEW Apollo ATC 1530 

flatbed Nesting CNC Machine.

Our routers can easily produce bespoke woodworking projects such as kitchen cabinets, curved patterns and custom furniture.

Having an in-house CNC machine means that we can cut all our parts to the mm, and save huge amount of precious time and money that we can pass onto the customer.

Metal Drills


Materials are expensive so you’ll be pleased to know that our machine uses every inch of material to its full potential, minimising your production costs. The majority of our customers come to us for MDF and plywood machining but it is capable of machining non wood materials too.
Here’s what we can handle:
- Plywood
- Melamine / laminates
- Corian

CNC: Features
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