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Global Joinery Experience

Our team has worked all over the world.

From London, to the Middle East and Caribbean - our team brings a wealth of international joinery experience back to our Knutsford workshop. 

We've worked for some of the top international companies exposing us to the best joinery practices, design, materials, technology and craftsmanship.

We’ve brought back this wealth of knowledge to our Woodwork Interiors workshop in Knutsford which allows us to give our customers the best joinery package solutions.

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Meet the team

After qualifying as a Joiner Rick founded his own Joinery Company in 2005, basing his business in the centre of the village of Knutsford Cheshire.   

He delivered high quality traditional Joinery.  With a strong reputation, word of mouth and repeat business the Company continued to grow over the following 8 years.  

In 2013 he went into Management working for a high-end domestic and commercial Joinery Company in London. Working with some of the UK’s largest development groups Rick had the opportunity to enhance his skills for interior-fit-out and batch Joinery for the commercial and retail sector. 

Driven by his continued passion for Joinery design practices and technology, Rick moved to the Middle East in 2016 to hone in his love for Carpentry further. Working for an industry leading company, over the next 5 years he delivered outstanding projects including luxury cinemas, 5 star hotels, airports, restaurants and retail brands.  It was  exciting managing projects where the size and complexity challenged and pushed the boundaries and precision and detail were the foundations of delivering beautiful finishes. 

Building a strong knowledge base within manufacturing techniques, materials and management Rick then went on to work in the Bahamas for a high-end residential Joinery Company.  From kitchens and vanity units to bathrooms Rick worked closely with clients to ensure their dream home became reality no mater how remote the island build was. 

Rick’s wealth of experience working with some of the best global joinery companies has made him well equipped to offer an expert knowledgeable approach to each and every project. 

In November 2021 Rick launched Woodwork Interiors encompassing over 15 years global Joinery manufacturing experience.  Investing in CNC machinery and software, Woodwork Interiors supports domestic and commercial clients.  

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